Financial Protection

Financial Protection

Financial Protection

TrustMark Registered Businesses must provide additional financial protection for all installation works over £500 that have been carried out in or around the home.  The protection must cover any prepayments/deposits made by the customer and also protect the workmanship guarantee with at least 2 years of financial protection cover (25 years for some insulation measures).

Qualitymark Protection is an approved TrustMark Financial Protection provider and can supply TrustMark Registered Businesses with both Deposit & Stage Payment Protection Insurance and Insurance Backed Guarantees, for a wide range of installation types.

Qualitymark Protection Key Benefits

What is TrustMark?

TrustMark is a Government Endorsed Quality Scheme covering work a consumer chooses to have carried out in or around their home.

TrustMark was established in 2005 in conjunction with Government, industry bodies, and consumer protection groups.

Since this time, in response to the industry-led, Government-commissioned Each Home Counts review, the TrustMark remit has expanded to include all Repair, Maintenance and Improvement, Energy Efficiency, and Retrofit measures, providing a level playing field of quality for consumers having work carried out in or around their home.

When a consumer uses a TrustMark Registered Business, they are engaging with an organisation that has been vetted to meet TrustMark Standards and has made a considerable commitment to good customer service, technical competence and trading practices.

TrustMark’s goal is to achieve a position where consumers can engage firms in complete confidence that work will be of a high quality, protected and at the agreed costs.

Who Oversees TrustMark?

TrustMark is overseen by an independent Board and supported by a network of newly developed Councils and Panel who have been introduced to support the Board in their strategic decision making. The Councils and Panel provide a robust two-way feedback process for the Board, specifically in the areas of consumer protection, consumer financial protection and industry insight. This structure enables TrustMark to expand its mission of reducing consumer detriment and enhancing consumer protection.

TrustMark delivers this consumer confidence through its network of TrustMark Scheme Providers and their Registered Businesses. TrustMark Scheme Providers commit to meeting the Framework Operating Requirements, and ensuring their Registered Businesses maintain required standards of technical competence, customer service and trading practices.

Trustmark Key Benefits?

  Government Endorsed Quality

  Enhanced Financial Protection

  Free Advice and Information

  Trading Standards Integration

Further information about TrustMark and the benefits of using a TrustMark Registered Business can be found on their website