Insurance Backed Guarantees for Solar PV Installations

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* All premiums are subject to IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) at the current rate.

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    Why are Solar PV and Battery Storage on the rise?

    With the expected sharp rise in energy prices across the UK, homeowners are increasingly looking for alternative sources of energy to power their homes. Solar PV and Battery Storage systems are becoming an ever more popular route for homeowners to help reduce their energy bills. People are also more aware of the consequences of their domestic carbon footprint, and are looking for greener options. 

    What does this mean for me and my business?

    An increase in affordability relative to traditional energy supplies, along with the resulting shorter investment payback times, has ramped up homeowner demand for renewable energy sources, such as Solar PV. As an installer of Solar PV or renewable energies, you will get an increasing number of enquiries about the installation of Solar PV and Battery Storage devices. The competition for these contracts will also increase. Adding a Qualitymark Protection Insurance Backed Guarantee to every job you quote could set you apart from your competitors and win you more work. 

    Why do I need an Insurance Backed Guarantee for Solar PV?

    Under the ECO schemes, an installer must provide consumer protection for the homeowner. An Insurance Backed Guarantee is required to receive the funding.
    Providing Insurance Backed Guarantees to your customers gives them increased financial security. It’s a cost effective way for you to add value for your customers and enhance your reputation in the marketplace.

    How do I get an Insurance Backed Guarantee for Solar PV?

    For an installer to offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee for Solar PV, they must first become Accredited with Qualitymark Protection. The application process is simple, and only takes a few minutes. To start the application process, simply fill in the form at the top of this page.

    How much does a Qualitymark Protection Insurance Backed Guarantee cost for Solar PV?

    Insurance Backed Guarantee prices start from as little as £15* per policy for Solar PV and Battery Storage devices. You will not be charged any subscription or joining fees. Qualitymark Protection offers an easy pay-as-you-go service.

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