What are the Benefits of an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

There are many benefits of Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) for both the homeowner and installer. It overall provides an enhanced cover for the homeowner in the event that the installer is no longer in business. This can help to boost confidence, peace of mind, and trust in the work completed for the homeowner. There are also benefits for the installer too, such as potentially helping to secure contracts and boosting business.

Benefits of Insurance Backed Guarantees for Homeowners

  • Enhanced protection
  • Boosted confidence
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Could save you money
  • Increase levels of trust

The main benefit of an IBG for the homeowner is the long-term protection it can provide, that’s why the policy is there, to protect you. With policies spanning for as long as 10 years on many different home improvement installations, it can help boost your confidence and trust in the tradesperson completing the work. Knowing that the policy is sat in the back, ready if the unfortunate does occur, will allow you to have peace of mind, so you can enjoy your new home improvement rather than sat there worrying. 

The policy can help to save you money. If a problem does occur with your new home improvement and the installer is no longer trading, you may need to pay to have the issue fixed yourself. Depending on the problem, it could potentially cost you £1000’s. Having a Qualitymark IBG could help to save you from those costs. It pays to have protection on your home improvements. 

Take your Business to the next level

  • Gives your business an extra selling point
  • This shows that you care for consumer protection
  • Potentially helps to secure contracts and gain extra business

As an installer, your sales conversion rates is your bread and butter. They’re your priority, as, after all, they give you the business, so the happier you can keep them the better. Having an IBG on the work you’ve completed shows your customers that you care about their protection and as such helps to give them confidence in the work you are providing. The additional confidence, trust, and peace of mind given to the customer could be the fine line between them agreeing to your quote over a competitor’s, which in turn could potentially give you more business.

What are the benefits of Qualitymark Protection Insurance Backed Guarantees?

We can’t tell you who to go with for your consumer protection, however, what we can do is tell you all about the benefits of using the Qualitymark service.

No signup fees, no subscription fees, pay as you go service.

Some providers may charge you to simply sign up as well as subscription fees even when you’re not issuing policies to your customers. With Qualitymark Protection, we require no signup fees, no subscription fees, and it’s also free to become accredited with us too. The service we offer is pay-as-you-go, meaning you simply just pay for your policies when you need them, it really is as simple as that.

Easy to use online policies

You’re in control of all the policies that you issue. You will be given login details where you can access your account and simply submit within a few clicks. The policy is then sent directly to the homeowner within minutes, so saves you any mess and hassle of paperwork.

Transparent & competitive pricing

Our pricing system is extremely easy to understand and we are always fully transparent with how much the policy will cost. The price of them may even surprise you, it’s great value for money, especially when considering all the benefits it could provide you and your business.

Personal account manager

When you become accredited with Qualitymark Protection, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will oversee your account. They will be able to direct you through the entire process and will be easily contactable if you have any problems arise with your account. 

Marketing materials

As a Qualitymark Protection Accredited Installer, you will also have access to additional marketing materials to help you market your business and showcase how your insurance backed guarantee policies could help the homeowner.